It Came In Peace From The Sewer

by Enpire

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released December 23, 2015

It Came In Peace From the Sewer
Cover art by: William Parkinson
1. It Came In Peace From The Sewer
Produced by Forever 2012 and Enpire
2. Mr. Niceguy
Prod. by Jamesboltz and Enpire
3. Summed Up
Prod. by Jamesboltz
4. 3. Blind Mices
Prod. by Van Walker and Enpire (sampling Mr.Twin Sister's Medford)
5. Sob Story
Prod. by Jamesboltz
6. Pyrite Feat. (Shake n' Bake)
Prod. by Enpire
7. The Process Feat. (Jamesboltz)
Prod. by Jamesboltz
8. Blood Red
Prod. by Enpire



all rights reserved


Enpire Chicago, Illinois

Just a poet who is egotistical enough to know that those are the circumstances

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Track Name: It Came In Peace From The Sewer (Prod. by Forever 2012 and Enpire)
It came in peace in from the sewer In peace
It came in peace from the sewer
It came in peace from the sewer

It came in peace from the sewer waving a white flag
And was welcomed by dirty stares along with a tote bag

Made of burlap and filled with complementary soaps
As well a guide on tying nooses that came with varying ropes
Hung from precarious hopes like inspirational posters
Of cats Hangin' in there on a limb or forks that hang over toasters

Walking on coasters so my filthy strides don't leave any marks
Other than Asinine pride and slime that glows in the dark

A grimy Pentemental embedded over the sentiment
changing although I stay insane my brain obtains the sediment
evident that things are looking up because still i can't hold the pen still
Grins Wrapped around the face by these vines of toothy tendrils

Or like my fingers around a pencil
Or a synthetic states of mind
With artificial facial features that are silicon confined

I'm a hero to the blind
And a villain to the deaf
Moronic to the mute
And mutant at its best


Verse 2:
It Came in peace from the sewer baring peace sign in hand

And in return got middle fingers and an admittance wristband

They scanned when a filthy being emerges from sewer covers

After spending years below seein the world through manured shutters

The stench smothers any other senses and dulls thought

Wreaking even worse than all the dirty garbage it fought

Not cosmetically right and yet so visibly wrong

Dead fish tangled in its hair and sludge oozing out its palms

Dirt wedged between teeth each step Trackin mud

And an ambiguous scent of either skunk or dank bud

Pipelines connect minds leading to waste baskets

But I take what I can get so this freak sleeps in wake caskets

got sewer being Toe tagged and mistaken for a corpse rottin

That surfaced to move up in life but hit an even harder bottom

A problem that it found in a world made newer

But still tried Its best and came in peace from the sewer

It came in peace from the sewer
It came in peace from the sewer
In peace
It came in peace from the sewer
In peace
It came in peace from the sewer smile stretching from ear to ear

And was greeted by confetti and splintering screams of fear

Appearing as a terror or bearer of sights for soar eyes

That were intended to be soothed by witnessing blue skies

Of infinite size but instead was covered by rain clouds

To trickle into the head and wash Whatever thought that the brain shrouds

So it unpacked the tote bag and tied a noose from the rope

So as the monster washed away it's corpse was pelted with its own soap

What once had hope and the pungent sent assanine pride

Came in peace from the sewer and was crying as it died

And as the last bit of ooze was dripping down from its wrist

It regretted comin in peace and wished it had brought them a clenched fist
Track Name: Mr. Niceguy (Prod. by James Boltz and Enpire)
Verse 1:
Doer of bad deeds Mr. Niceguy gone
Leaving middle fingers silhouette dug into every front lawn
stacks of angst Embroidered in pin cushions
Finally snapped back from the different ways people were pushin'

Fact of the matter is nothing matters in fact
Grab pointed tips pulling rabbit ears out of the hat
Swing with a cork in my bat
Eat using the fork in the road
Behind backs speaking in swollen tongues cryptic in code

Rock the cradle with a skeleton hand
A once wall paper person now out to ravage a land
Steered wrong on to a brick road then to gravel then sand
Hit close to home but the roasted bone drove me further than planned

A small world
3 dashs don't signify caps

For Breakfast eat fiber glass
Drive high when sirens flash

Can't penetrate the skull coaxed to keep walking
And never said a single word it's always been the weed talking

This is me a sick head lined with wires to support the tattered canopy
Filled by holes to welcome in the bad thoughts on the vanity

Eyes dart tot marrow for crunching of bones
Slurping the nectar with silly straws
of cords from rotary phones

Curtousy no longer common
comments slice through shoulder pads
Beware of bad brains
chained to domes of rigs for hash and dabs

Toe tags wave while walking but the brains dead
To pinpoint the problem give the Marijuana strain cred

Verse 2:
I know the voices all drown to avoid it I play dumb
to keep my head afloat I've Kill brain cells since day one
Scenes numbed like hit by a stun gun for some days
Emotions in my pocket drown in loose change and cum stains

Gathered round a dinner table I'd smoke hash they'd eat hash browns
Excuse myself with a 16 fall flat with a crash sound

Use my middle finger more than an aye aye do
But submit till sorrow summits like its aye aye crew

Instead i got a vault of excuses
To get out of putting effort in and other various uses
I'm fuckin' useless with all the loose screws in my head
I'm busy crafting calamity I'll pay for parts when I'm dead
This heart was Mislead misread staying nice for dummies
Develop new tastes like craving blood filling empty tummies

Spit in my right and left eyes the 3rd's vision is blurred
Without its monocle chronically the insight is disturbed
Once an emotional nerd
And that's still where I stand
Or Should I say where I'm stuck as I sink fast in quick sand
Not happy to be there flailing like the mad man that I am
Just hoping to be dammed and play in Lucifer's band
Removed by a light hand like that of Arthur Pendragon
But still bragging with a twisted mind I stumbled upon staggering

A flawed Notion passed from 7 seas to every oceans
Set sail for mischief leaving, jewel cases broken open

Witch doctor i use depends if they shrink heads
In pickle jars with vinegar and the contents it embeds

Tampered tongue prosthetic circuit breaker backing left ajar
Set to no longer roll j's and only known rolling rs
And carry scars from changes buried far beneath the palette
Knocking against the hollow head as teeth chomp as mouth mallets

Labled Completely insane
Chained to walls for Assulting brains
Feign spinal cord pains
Keep playing when the games change

Imprinted with profane stains
And swarm farmed harvests
Parasites cant solely be sustained off of the starved artists

Questions lost in pot heads burn in the melting pan

Shaking off concerned gazes and severing the helping hands
Track Name: Summed Up (Prod. by James Boltz)
Pollen of solace minds spread by insects with stingers
That are trading in the truth in return for rumor filled wringers
Middle fingers top 'em off as icing on the cake
Gas pedal made of metal so we never think to brake

Takin' whats good to get because it's the best till done better
because in this tangled food chain even prey can be a predator

Leavin' Worlds trembling
It's a Hassle to reassemble 'em
All I did was play my role like Marth in Fire Emblem

Got two birds with one stone and fangs sink in with a bark
But no matter how big the fish it's still prey to a shark
Immersed in the dark
And so cold blooded at heart
For years they've tried to break the mind that has been missing from the start
A gruesome work of art made of dab wax and thumb tacks
Barley held together with Scotch tape and Saran Wrap

Covering the skull cracks and stapled to the spine
A bright mind with dark thoughts like night and day combined

The teeth grind through the mask to the sound of the sheep's bleat
but until the lambs are silenced my words are just skin deep
And I chill in the hot seat
And bug masses 'till they spray DEET
And keep enduring the process till this human is dead meat

Verse 2
Down to the core I'm the Peach pit of an epitome
Light years the wrong direction goin' Beyond to infinity
Beyond stupidity, my rule of thumb
Been sayin' it so long its Imprinted on my tongue

With a visible third eye that constantly stares
Every now and then other 2 changes the emotions it wears
Call it curtains
And I'm certain that the show won't go on
Ask my scrawny little brain and my ego that has no brawn

Eye of the beholder gets patched up like a pirate
From malignant influences imprinted inside of eyelids

Screaming it's alive it's
A twisted type of hybrid
Breakin' ground with each step till countries turn into islands

Fights change but the violence stays the same
Each side is so wrong they get bullets in the brain
Arguin' who should bring pain
Ideals dealt on a ball and chain
Wax on all you want but the moonlight will still wane

Oh baby those voices drown alone in the tub
Like Life gets cut short circuit as they're pulling the plug
My faces smile is to snug to cover the rest that's depressed
So even on good days my outlook is ugly at best

Verse 3:
Nothing to add to just regurgitate the murder rates
I've been to hell and back seen demons
Screaming at the burning gates
The sickened heart grew full of hate
No happiness to anticipate
Eyes baggy because the tears are heavy from the water weight

There is no safer place not above nor below
Gettin' trampled on by life's stampede like elephant toes
Revert bread into dough
Dough being the cash
Cash turned to a stack
Stacks in vaults become a stash

Monster mash on the corpses of endorsers of good forces
Forcing me to behave but the submission has run its course
Words of mouth gettin' spoken tongue pokin' outta both sides
Moving so fast it could heat up and leave a brain fried

A very strange guy that Martial arts the could break the heart apart
In many different pieces of the unequally cut pie chart

A la cart The pinnacle of the food chain's bottom
But still getting the last laugh
the enemy of Batman and Robin
And I'm
Robbin a rotten world of its happiest thoughts

To sustain the same pain that made a sane mind distraught
Track Name: 3 Blind Mice (Prod. by Van Walker and Enpire)
Sour note in a bar of sweet chords

Dull knife on a shelf piled in with sharp swords

This Loser still holds back hordes of winner after winner

Makin em slink back in their shells till treated like master splin'ner

The winner of the loser the dude that's untouchable

Like little kids with vegetables or adults with their lunchables

With rhymes that are munchable perfect for snacking

So when he's got no one else by his side his vocab come up to back him

Attended the university of twisted thought

Leavin shit stains on brain sculpted the same and universally bought

Don't get out of harms way I'm the one clearing the path

When they witness the act they here a maniacal laugh

Worst case scenario

Plug me in to the stereo

Rhymes have got u spinning round like a Mary go

So while the cats away then the mice shall play

Three blind ones cut off like tails and then castaway

Level headed

But always forget it

Cramming bullshit down throats gettin forced when they fed it

Vise versa

And down each and every throat bullshit gets crammed

To cast out blind mice and toss their tails into trash cans

Cut off Caterpillars leg now walk on wheels

Got no heads to trip over they just fallin on heels

An empty skull that's filling cobwebs

coolest underdog running since Jamaica had bobsleds


Ren amd stimpys friend

Trying rule the world new name but I'm a still btim

Words the wise middle fingers to the sky's

fist clenched around a pencil got my eyes on the prize

Life on lines slacking watching the time tick tock

Sit back accomplish less than a political parties gridlock

While Glick glocks get load and unload em

The worst background noise since the dial up modem

Guttural growl screw ball fouler than the rest

Out the park outta minds flown the coup no i was Kick out the nest

Overlapin you the sickest dog at the first clap

dog pounds try to put him down but he saved his final breath for the last lap

Rice goes against the grain Ttrying to Counter fit in

Stands out like sore thumb in fingertip less mittens


Sheep in wolf pack

Hole in a knapsack

North bound train riding round on south track

So while the cats away then the mice shall play

Three blind ones cut off like tails and then castaway

Level headed

But always forget it

Cramming bullshit down throats gettin forced when they fed it

Vise versa

And down each and every throat bullshit gets crammed

To cast out blind mice and toss their tails into trash cans
Track Name: Sob Story (Prod. by James Boltz)
Either Hit or missing the bulls eye screams got me hoarse in the mouth
Knowing I'm either dying with dignity or I'm living without

The long route on the lifeline ridden the wrong way
no one can move the path you've walked on for years after just one day

No one hits the ground running we stumble and fall
Assuming that you land alive or even hit the ground at all

The damn Worm in an apple everyone shudders to see
Nervous about a life long situation in which I never wanted to be

Errors got me lacking major components of life
With too much instability without all the sugar and spice

Nothing nice about me except for a subtle knack rhymes and rhythm
The only thing on the plus side is my positivity of my pessimism

An android lacking knowledge of his purpose
And up until it is uncovered it's only found that it's worthless

Don't dilly dally and waste time in darkened alleyways

It's the Sob story
Of the one who wrote and illustrated it
But tore up all the hard work cause there was a piece of me that hated it

Use the scraps of paper to dry regretful eyes
That are welling up with water so they can't stay on the prize

Verse 2:
Take my tongue
make it numb
wrap it around my neck as a noose to tie

Tasting only gallows with a hint of vocal chords to dry
Hands buried in pockets with shoulders that hunch over
Never have good Smokes any four leave clover

With spoonfuls the medicine goes down Poppins pill after pill
Till One dose brakes the camels back and made it Terminally ill

Its time to lift a weight this heavy heart carries
And cut each fuckin' artery till my heart is deeply buried
Were Just canaries in our dark and cold mined freed to breath poison

So chirp till we die, no longer make any making noise n'
The others know how safe it is because our fate determines theirs
With no breath within the lungs so no time for Splitting hairs

Chorus X2

Verse 3:
In the end we all Go down with a ship not matter if the crew is alike
Because when the sunsets I just stand alone at an open mic

There is no hope in sight although the blotter's set in
so far I've seen road signs that lead to one dead end

I only heard stories but now I know that one is lonely
Just rotting away till my sad compositions boney

I'm not lookin' for death, but if seen i welcome with open arms
Teach it two things smoking dope and how emotions harm

All I play are Sour notes on vocal chords when I strum
Giant ego so Stoned they say he high "fo fum"
So dumb
Is the kid that I'm called
Head always in the clouds
When present I'm not involved

Since birth we get cursed just for living
See with eyes made of cameras and speak through lips of ink ribbons

So you hear clicking and a ding after every sentence spoken
And that sound will just go on till either there's no ink left or a key is broken

Waiting for maintenance for a problem so bizarre
It could change a life's course and leave a scar on the repertoire
I've never got to set the bar my mind was in Remission
But I've cooked up lines by writing rhymes so I'm comin out the kitchen
Track Name: Pyrite Feat. (Shake n' Bake) (Prod. by Enpire)
Verse 1:
Head of devils lettuce smoke in Lungs of my string bean frame
With a 24 karat skull protecting this pea brain

High, how the stakes remain
Light it up like Lu Kang
So test your mind and fight me or are you just too sane

In perfuse pain my words came to bite my tongue til it was swollen
With chunks of pyrite in my brain because The bullshit of this fool is golden

Bad person
Makin' the matters worsen
Known Love the smoke clouds that my head has always been immersed in
Step back when I progress so I can see the whole picture
Which is just a subtle panel in a collaborative mixture
And then babble in scriptures of unintelligent levels n'
Gets the gears turning like Rusted bicycle pedals n'
I'm not deserving a medal n'
I'm smelting the trophies
But still foolish enough to take gold and leave competition with broke knees

All that glimmers isn't gold take the shimmer for granite at least
Medallion so unreal lies make a gap in the front teeth

With each blunt lit the minds sharper edges dulls
Big brain floating in anesthetic for the smartest of Numskulls

Shake 'n Bake (Spoken):
Absolute rubbish
All of it
The things the kids are listening to these days
I fuckin' hate it all
Horrible, just fuckin' horrible
I can't believe the kids are listening to this shit
Absolute rubbish
Is this really what's popular?
What is this stuff?

And I'm passing 7th Heaven on the way from cloud 9
Fall down into the depths of hell where my devils deal got signed
And I'm
Callin' no lifelines
And I'm
Not in the right mind
Goals so Far fetched to catch it'll take multiple lifetimes
Get Manifested into whats fear the most
My father, mother, and the idea I'm a parasitic brains host

Triggers pulled and consequently heads will roll
You dipshits Bite and chew the bullets I've learned to swallow em whole

And that's scratched in the chest of a Man child and Class act
usin' creativity to make up for the brains that he lacks

My virtues differ greatly from yours
You pet life with a gentle hand I shred it with claws
Little puppy paws hide talons that are sharper than knives
with one finger leftover after severing pussy nine lives

Shake 'n Bake (Spoken):
OH MY GOD!!!!!!
THIS IS MY JAM!!!!!! WHOA!!!!!!!!!

I'm a Delinquent and I'm speakin' good and eloquent
Elegant no matter how far outside of my element

I speak with blistered lips from all the wear and tear
Adjust the lens to picture this voice that no muzzle can bear

Fallen angel in a nation reppin' banners that star spangle
Closed mind when eyes open 'cuz the cones acutely angled

Twisted mind and tangled into tangible mess
Squeezing out every little bit of thought just like a fuckin' French press
Store the culinary tools so I have a pot to stir
But with clocks like oil pastels the time All starts to blur

Last one to think but always the one to act first
The lifestyle i chose is just live spelled backwards

Internal 3rd eye constantly checkin' inside the head
and gives my brain a vicious glare when morally Mislead

And then the brain says it's sorry and admits that it was wrong
But when that eye turns away the sorrow in the mind is gone

And another bad idea dawns and the nagging voices get ignored
And sends a message to our legs to get back to the drawing board
Track Name: The Process Feat. (James Boltz) (Prod. by James Boltz)
With the ego in one hand an anthem of C.R.E.A.M
The nicest asshole that the world has ever seen

A microscopic speck of scum just hoping to last
feedin' all those at the bottom of the food chain's lowest clasp

Gasping for air When he emerges from submerged of the words
Splashing and failing while whats said goes unheard

Voices echoing through a cavernous skull and return ears
Transcribed to the sound of hatred built up over years

Gulpin' in water and even more sad truth is swallowed
Sweet memories with each bite of youth Bitter after taste to follow

Copious illusions of a human but the monster that I am and sees
With a gaping whole in my mind resembling yellowed teeth with cavities

Poorly occupied
no dentistry can fill em
Grew to hate the hero's and flipped sides for the love and lust of villains

Knowledge spilling overflowing goin' to and from the skull
Biting off more than most can chew with teeth that make the sharpest swords dull

The fuckin' oracle when it comes to seeing in hindsight
immersed so long in dark thoughts I'm gettin' blinded by the bright light

That I was pushed into and stood up front and center
In it as secondary accessory like the candy in pez dispensers

Mild mannered till the lights go out

Rocks the fuckin' mic and blowing out speakers with shouts

Runnin' back and forth And then forth and back

Bouncing up and down like a fuckin' hacky sack

Verse 2 (James Boltz):
Everyone is shivering
I don't eat Cheetos
I'm a bird
my head is a plane
I'm asleep in my bed
Rest Boutique
Maybe I'm autistic,
Maybe there something wrong with me

I'm bird slash a giant pieces of turd
I wake up from bed unsaid
set score "-1" then take flight,

whats a night life spending?
24 hours behind close doors beating off.

Or of making beats

and I end up kicking it by the bridge, questions pointless existence then kick the bridge over.


Verse 3:
A bastard captain but still go down with the ship
Good service from life but still give it a shitty tip

Brisk strokes leave my words quick in its time
skull bloated from ego my fat head walks a fine line

Who'd expect the Paragon kid from the playground
Grew up to turn smiles on peoples face the other way round

Up a creek with no canoe still emits the best aura
Books up in shelves having knowledge stacked up in a plethora
Uhhhhhhhhhhh fuck! losing places without book marks
Remembering to see the bright side even when it starts to look dark

Wreaking of newly smoked weed covered by the aroma of old spice
Coming off the top of the head like shampoo washing colonies of lice
Injected with Chemical compounds that gives highs you cant come down
Air raid sirens got me outta bunkers n' fallin' out of shelters above ground

Achilles heel revealed while Slipping on a banana peel
Everyone's got piece of krypton to their man of steel

Slow to grow
Quick to act
And impulsive with each move
Knows the fuckin' writing utensil with every Crack and groove

Speak with a Lump in my throat and see With teary eyes
Walkin' with springs in my steps
And a hand full of bad ideas on the rise

Fermented bubbling over with bad thoughts brewing
Emotions projected for everyone to see like a drive in viewing

Undoing evolution work worked on for a low rates
Those with oposable thumbs thumb down my methods of primates

Leaving marks like ink blots the raw shocks You
Make it up as i go along yes it must be Imprompture

We are the next Gen system atyocally grasping the globe
Closed paths are gone this is an open minded Mode

Time waits for no human or beast
So we hope we don't miss the highest point in life Like timing rising Yeast

Grocery bags filled cold colby monterrey jack
Returnin later to the store complaining i want my cheddar back

Money sack brimming but keep on filling it
So i can afford to fill the bowl with weed till the carb hole is spilling it
Track Name: Blood Red (Prod. by Enpire)
Verse 1:
With a bang for your buck cats lives cost 9 rounds

fur can't hide claw marks on bloodied tounge tied crowns

How it sounds is we must be starving in this dog eat dog world

Sharp canines break the skin dull ones just chasin after squirels

Getting militant Referals
by little boys and girls

Under the influence of soft serve ice cream swirls

Ithat's why my Salivary glands have just found my dinner

workin hard to get collected after stretching myself thinner

Just a sinner and for dessert eat whats in the forehead

And even when one mind is full the others gettin force fed

Inherently off course and concioulsy out of line

Nuggets packed with thought are broken
Down to the drop of a dime

Its time Show me the ropes to see how one would get a head inside the loop

So when its time to hang dry my mouths wet by slurping down the duck soup

Shackled to words

Tackled by verbs

Orderin orderves of Adjectives served

My 6th sence is the sence of disturbed

Say what's observed

Blazed one among teary eyes

The bottom drops out along with hopes that don't rise
that's no surprise

Red blood sells for green with cheap prices on tags

If They Dont run in related veins they're flowing in Body bags

Verse 2:
Not a tentative type
but can tell when the corpse is ripe

With an apple of an eye eaten by a worm to make a pipe

Like a metal mouth veteran denchers lock in their jaws

Watching the eyes meat and pan over a blanket of gauze

See a firm grasp with daggers eyes that were sharpened by swords

Used for bowing violence and slicing resonant chords

Implored to fire off excessive railway spikes

Stressed to keep on implementing random missile strikes

Like a snake tounge Lickity split in two

Unevenly divided up 2 for me and none for you

Proximity annonomityTounge gets twisted and tide

Sourest type of victory advertised Sugar free pride

How they died
petrified its Formulaic

Severed limbs and bodies to form a blood red Mosaic

Paint with brush with death and a 48 pack of crayons

To draw out a pentagram and jump right into a seance

And choas in the air making body shapes Obscured

With dusk and ash in faces hate never braced us with a cure

Endure Diluted elixirs as mixtures of tears and sweat

Chased with a needle dipped in veins just to get the tip wet

Verse 3:
I intend to offend
Foreign to the concept of friend

Shark eyes stare dead ahead even when the road starts to bend

Side tracked by skull cracks till brain's exposed

Not containing thought leaving a calcium case forclosed

Impose upon a useless mind strung to a broken spine

Branching off into open sores leave em out to Soak in brine

With Conversations wading to topics of Dark matters

Accounting for what we never see mixed in the minds batter

And served on a fine platter
Splattered with cream of tar tar

Wash it down with aged coniac and a side of caviar

Maybe fuagra
Nothing to loose but an appetite

Cheap shots to the stomach after taking only half a bite

Milk for all we're worth and skimming skin right off the tops

Like the pain from a Scratch and sniff that wreaks when blood drops

Fights between coded arms tattooed with stripes and stars

Inking victims from the chin up with gruesome scrapes and scars

Removed by the craft of skin grafts and cheap cigars

Held in place by bandages and nylon ripped from guitars

Parts of brokendown cars and a cup of dry ice

Drenched with liquid nitrogen and Submerge in fried rice

Designed to be not nice

I'll say it again intend to offend
Foreign to the concept of friend